Previous JSNA Analysis

2011 – 2014

Summary reports

The following reports are short summaries of the key findings and priorities for Stockport from the 2011 JSNA.

Full Data Reports

The 2011 detailed analysis report is organised so that after the introduction (chapter one) chapter two gives an overview of the key characteristics of the whole population and then each subsequent chapter focuses on a different age group; 0-15 (chapter 3), 16-24 (chapter 4), 25-64 (chapter 5) and 65+ (chapter 6). Each chapter contains a number of sections breaking the information down into:

  • Population
  • Social and environmental context
  • Health and social care
  • Lifestyles and wellbeing

Each group of indicators within a chapter is presented in the same format. First, the reason for collecting and analysing each group of indicators is stated in the rationale. The rationale is followed by a bullet point summary of the key issues and trends evident in the data. The summary is followed by the presentation of the current data (in table or map format) and last any trend analysis available is presented in chart format.

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Needs Assessments

Several needs’ assessments have been done as part of Stockport’s JSNA process. Some of these have been superceded, but remain useful, and so are accessable here: