Future Projects

The publication of the 2015/16 JSNA Summary is part of an ongoing JSNA process and work is already under way on a number of ongoing projects.

Development of JSNA briefings for key partnerships

A report highlighting the key findings for the Children’s and Young People’s Partnership board is already being developed, and will be used by the Partnership to identify gaps and to help the development of the Stockport Family programme.

CCG Neighbourhood Profiles are also in development to further support the design of Stockport Together teams and systems.

Over the next few months, a report will be produced for the Stockport Partnership, highlighting the priorities for wider services to promote healthier lives.

Development of further JSNA Briefings

Over the course of 2016/17 it is intended to develop and publish further in-depth JSNA analysis focussing on:

  • Dementia – primarily to support the refresh of the joint Dementia Strategy
  • Housing needs – particularly focussing on older people
  • Planning – to set out the evidence base for place as a determinant of health

Each new briefing will be released on the web hub and stakeholders alerted to the key new findings.