Key facts

1 in 4 adults in the UK will suffer from a mental health condition in any given year – in Stockport this equates to 56,300 adults. In addition there are approximately 28,000 over 18’s (12%) in Stockport with below average mental wellbeing.

Key information

  • The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based public mental health messages aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of the whole population.
  • There is a clear deprivation profile for wellbeing, with rates in the most deprived areas are more than double those in the least deprived.
  • There are 26,000 people registered with a Stockport GP with a history of depression and 40,000 with a history of anxiety.
  • 2,400 people registered with a Stockport GP with a severe mental health disorder.

Key issues for commissioners

  • Give equal weight to mental wellbeing as a key determinant of physical health and independence; especially for people of working age.
  • Improve the physical health and lifestyles of those with serious mental health conditions. Mortality rates are 4 times higher for this group than the Stockport average.
  • Research being undertaken by Stockport HealthWatch shows that the physical health needs and especially physical activity needs of patients in inpatient psychiatric care are not being met.
  • Low mental wellbeing is highest at beginning of adulthood.