Key fact

The 2011 Census showed there are 31,982 unpaid carers in Stockport. 6,970 (22% of all carers) provide 50+ hours of care per week. Signpost for Carers estimate the total value of unpaid care in Stockport is £570 million a year.

Key information

  • 2,115 carers are under 25 years old; 22,593 carers are aged 25-64; and 7,274 carers are aged 65+.
  • Most adult carers provide care for a frail/older person, people with a physical disability or someone with a mental health problem.
  • Young carers are more likely than adult carers to be providing care to people with mental health problems, learning difficulty, terminal illness and drug or alcohol problems.
  • Caring can lead to major health problems for the carer both physically and mentally and impacts on employment and educational opportunities.

Key issues for commissioners

  • Understand the size and need of our carer population, and use JSNA intelligence to inform the appropriate levels of response.
  • Continue to improve the identification of and support available to those with dementia and their carers.
  • Support healthy ageing across Stockport, recognising that preventative approaches that promote self-care and independence are essential at every life stage.
  • Give equal weight to mental wellbeing as a key determinant of physical health and independence.