Key fact

In Stockport, cancer is the biggest cause of death, responsible for 30% of all age (811) and 45% of under 75 (377) deaths in 2014. Around 1,700 new cancer cases are diagnosed amongst Stockport residents each year.

Key information

  • Lung, colorectal, breast and prostate are the largest causes of cancer deaths.
  • 4 in 10 cancers can be prevented – the main preventable cause of cancer is smoking.
  • Those living in the most deprived areas suffer the greater burden of all cancer, and particularly lung cancer.
  • Stockport has better 1 year survival rates in all cancers and three cancers combined (female breast, colorectal and lung) than England; however despite this overall mortality rates in Stockport are not better than national average.

Key issues for commissioners

  • Improve the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. Screening uptake for both bowel and breast cancer are lower in Stockport than the national average
  • Many cancer screening opportunities are not taken up, especially in the more deprived areas of the borough.
  • Primary prevention through increased levels of physical activity and improving healthy lifestyles; cutting tobacco and alcohol consumption and improving diets.
  • Stockport benchmarks as average in terms of under 75 mortality for both all cancers and those considered preventable.