Key facts

Around 70 to 75 Stockport residents die each year from liver disease. Three quarters of deaths occur in those aged under 75 and rates have been increasing.


Stockport under 75 rates have risen 40% between 2001-03 & 12-14; all age rates 37%


Stockport 2012-14 under 75 mortality rates were 27% higher than the national average.


90% of liver disease is considered preventable.

Alcohol consumption and obesity are key risk factors associated with liver disease.

Key information

  • Liver disease mortality is one of the few causes of death that has risen over the last 20 years.
  • Stockport benchmarks poorly as rates are significantly higher than the national average.
  • The major sub-causes of death are alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer.
  • Liver disease deaths mainly occur in those aged 45 to 69.
  • There is a close link between liver disease and alcohol and obesity. 90% of deaths are considered preventable if lifestyle issues were addressed.

Key issues for commissioners

  • Prioritise a whole systems approach to reducing alcohol consumption and obesity as the key causes of preventable liver disease and early death.
  • Improve the prevention, early detection and treatment of liver disease.
  • Work to reduce inequalities in a person and family centred way.
  • Ensure that the health economy is prevention focussed.
  • Give equal weight to mental wellbeing as a key determinant of risky lifestyle behaviours; especially for people of working age.